Call for Papers

Determining Creative Practice

Deadline extended: 2 November 2009

A practice-based research symposium
Wednesday December 2nd 2009
University of Bedfordshire, UK


Mike Stubbs, Director, FACT / Professor Art Media and Curating, Liverpool John Moores University
Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Reader in Theory and Philosophy of Art, University of Reading

The University of Bedfordshire, University of Derby & the Practice Section of MeCCSA present a one day practice-based research symposium for media practitioners and academics.

The contribution of practice-based research within arts and humanities has become increasingly recognized and indeed inter-disciplinary collaborations are creating recognition outside of the field. A key criteria of practice-based research is the role of critical writing and reflection. The process relies on forming explicit relations between practice and outcome and reflexively exploring the role of the researcher in producing the creative output. Theoretical paradigms for the latter are many and varied. Indeed it is possible to ‘justify’ any form of practice as research through sufficient theoretical cause. The creative process however is often organic, multi-valent and can be driven by unknown causes, disparate events or what appears as irrelevant information. Some creative practitioners would claim this drive is ‘something’ beyond them. Others may argue this is simply the nature of the creative process.

In the context of writing, reflecting and presenting practice-based research what role do notions of determinism play? Are the requirements of practice-based research over-determined? Is there space to consider the concept of pre determination within creative practice?

We welcome presentations of all forms of creative work, including films, creative writing, performance, sound and new media that address the following themes:

Is the core origin of creativity within the individual, society, or something else?
Is the conscious processing of creating work just one part of the creative story?
What is the role of collaboration in questioning the self-determination of the artist, or the work of art?
If media practice is predetermined, what does this say about the product, the practice, and the practitioner? How does this relate to originality, creativity, and progress?
If proposals ‘determine’ how useful are they in a process of creative discovery? What alternative models exist?
What role does commissioning and pre-production play in determining a creative practice?
To what extent do the institutional and commercial bodies that enable and fund practice-based research encourage the production of paratexts which predetermine the nature and scope of the practice and the context within which that practice can be 'read'?

Creative presentations of 10 minutes followed by 10 minutes of theoretical interpretation / reflection are encouraged.

The event is free and includes lunch and refreshments.

Please e-mail proposals of 300 words to both organisers by 2 November 2009.
Joanna Callaghan:||nahgalllac.annaoj
Dr Jason Lee:||eeL.J

Further information:

This event is funded by the University of Bedfordshire, University of Derby and MeCCSA, the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association. It follows on from the symposium Circularity, Narrative and Aesthetic Translation held in April 2009 at the University of Bedfordshire.

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